Natasha E. Feghali

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Eastwood Public School in Windsor, Ontario, Canada

Natasha E. Feghali is an artistic French Second Language/English Second Language Specialist teacher, DELF/DALF instructor as well as AIM educator for the Greater Essex County District School Board (GECDSB) in Windsor, Ontario. Melle Feghali has been teaching for 6 years (one of which was with the Ministère de l'Education National de France where she worked in Bordeaux, Aquitaine) from the 1st to 8th grade. Melle Feghali has been creating alternative ways of learning a second language by the use of art, culture and more. She has created well received workshops entitled "The French Connection" and "Classroom FSL" which have helped many educators yield positive and encouraging results in their second language classroom. She is also an award winning free-lance journalist with experience in arts, lifestyle and fashion journalism. Feghali was born in Canada, has lived in Bordeaux France and is a devout world traveler with a taste for glamour and the savoir faire of cosmopolitan French living. Feghali’s passion for language, music and literature (she is fluent in French, Lebanese and Croatian) has encouraged her pursuit towards helping educators.

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The message is sent… Now what??

In a second attempt to further understand the new trend amongst human behaviour in the 21st Century or in the technological age (as it is called) I had met up with my co-writer Superintendent John Howitt again for our follow-up article to our 1st collaboration together. Superintendent Howitt and I put our thoughts together to try and hypothesize on how we see the flow of communication, the flattening of hierarchy in the workplace and what it means when it goes wrong!

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Pedagogical Research in French Second Language...

Since becoming an FSL (French Second Language) teacher I felt that some of my work needs to be analyzed with a finer lens. I had been feeling like I needed to further investigate the learning that was taking place in my classroom as well as have some documentation surface in regards to the activities and pedagogy that I was using.

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AIM-ed a warm welcome in French second language..

AIM is a holistic approach to learning a second language with explicit strategies to help students experience a rich and positive learning environment. The foreign language teaching methodology enables students to become confident communicators in the target language.

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Fremmedsprogsundervisning i en mangfoldig klasse

Om udfordringer og metoder, når elever fra mange forskellige kulturer og sprogbaggrunden skal lære et fremmedsprog - her fransk som andetsprog i Canada